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    Q & A with Pulitzer Prize Winning Food Writer Jon Gold

    Douglas Trattner had a long chat with Pulitzer Prize-winning restaurant critic Jonathan Gold in advance of a new documentary about his work title City of Gold. 

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    Cleveland City Guide for Food Network

    A guide to the very best bars, breweries, restaurants and markets in and around Cleveland, currently enjoying a Rust Belt Revival. 

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    The 38 Essential Cleveland Restaurants

    In this Eater article, Dining Editor Douglas Trattner zeroes in on the best of the best—the places that consistently execute on food, service and setting, the places that we never regret choosing.

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    Into the Fire With Michael Symon

    Douglas Trattner goes behind the scenes with celebrity chef Michael Symon for this engaging and intimate profile for Long Island Pulse.

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    De-Platformed: How the Cleveland Brewery Built on Community and Experimentation Lost Its Way in Scaling Up and Selling Out

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    The Polish Boy is as Cleveland as it Gets

    This Thrillist story digs into the history of the Polish Boy, Cleveland’s signature sandwich. 

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    How Food is Bringing the Rust Belt out of Recession

    In this long-form piece for Thrillist National, Douglas Trattner examines the causes behind the culinary rise of the Rust Belt. 

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    Confessions of a Menu Thief

    This autobiographical feature by Douglas Trattner regarding his massive menu collection garnered First Place for Food Writing from the 2015 Alt Weekly Awards. 

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    Travel Feature on Ohio Wine Country

    The Grand River Valley in Northeast Ohio produces the state's finest wines. In addition to 35 wineries, the travel destination offers farm-to-table restaurants, family-friendly attractions and a wide range of lodging options.

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    Travel Feature on Cuba for Plain Dealer

    Now that travel restrictions have eased, it has never been easier for regular joes to experience the island’s long-forbidden fruits. Story and photos by Trattner.

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    Travel Feature on Tulum for Plain Dealer

    In this travel feature for the Cleveland Plain Dealer I offer tips on how to get there, what to do, what to see, where to stay and what to eat. Story and photos by Trattner. 

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    Hitting the Road in a Rented RV: Convenience and Comfort without the Cost

    For casual RV users, renting is superior to ownership in many ways as shown in this in this Cleveland Plain Dealer travel story. Read the feature here. 

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